Based in Missoula, Available All Over Montana

Based in Missoula, Available All Over MontanaFireplace service in Missoula, MT

Whether you want to equip your new home with a modern fireplace or rekindle the flame in your decades-old fireplace, make Rhino Fireplaces your go-to fireplace company. We have the services you need to enjoy your fully-functioning fireplace for as long as you own your home.

Speak with our fireplace expert today about services including:

•Fireplace repairs – there are many things that can go wrong with your fireplace – trust Rhino Fireplaces to fix them all
• Fireplace maintenance – keep your fireplace working efficiently this season with routine maintenance

Our services are available in Missoula, Montana and throughout the surrounding areas. For more information about our services and how they will better your fireplace and your home, call Rhino Fireplaces today.

Our Services


Fireplaces, stoves and BBQ's get heavy use. Sometimes they stop working, or begin to malfunction. Rhino Fireplaces carries the parts needed to repair the fireplace.

Annual Service

To prevent untimely repair costs, have your stove or fireplace inspected, cleaned and serviced annually.


Want to refurbish that old stove? Need a new coat of paint or gasket rope for a leaky door? We do the little things that other companies won't.


Grease fires cause the most damage, and fractured gas ports can be dangerous. Have us inspect your BBQ or pellet grill.

Part Replacement

Noisy fan? Pilot light keep blowing out? We have the experience to handle the tough jobs, getting that fireplace or stove back to heating your family.


Thinking of replacing that old fireplace, or need an inspection? Looking to add a remote, thermostat or fan? Call us for any advice you may need or question you might have.